Adding Injury to Insult

Recently “He” and “She” saw their family physician for their routine annual exams.  They are both in good health, and the visit went well except for one little thing.  She got in trouble with the good Doc about her weight!  In the past year, She has gained a few pounds, and Dr. M. made a point of mentioning it (several times).  Thank goodness the home gym is now complete.  She has promised him that by her next visit it will be evident that She has been working out regularly. 

Other than the weight gain, She is in perfect health, but, because it has been more than ten years since She had a Tetanus shot, they went ahead and gave her one.  Now, two days later, she is miserable.  The injection site is swollen and feverish, and as she is a side-sleeper, a good night’s sleep is difficult due to the pain.  Ironically, studies have shown that insufficient sleep may play a part in weight gain! 

I say commenting about her weight, and then giving her the Tetanus shot, only added injury to insult! 



3 thoughts on “Adding Injury to Insult

  1. Blossom, go give She a big cuddle and a head butt and tell her that Dr. is almost as mean as a vet! I keep telling my doc that I need to lose weight, PLEASE help, and she just nods — like she knows I’m beyond help. Oh, well. At least I haven’t had a shot lately.

    Tell She to get better soon!



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