Sharing the Love

Alley's New Bedspread“He” and “She” bought a new bedspread for their bedroom. It’s a nice, fluffy comforter, with pillow shams, sheet set and dust ruffle, and it is very comfortable!  I should know – I was the first one on it!  And, I made myself quite comfortable for a while!

Alley on Spread

Speaking of things that are new, we have some new members of the family. Well, the extended family, anyway. We have two new cousins, and because it has been a long time since there were kittens here at The House of 9 Lives, She and He really had a blast playing with them.

This is Scooter. You can tell he’s in perpetual motion. She had a really hard time getting him to pose for pictures!
DSC00858 DSC00857 DSC00856

And, this is Boots.


Scooter and Boots were adopted from a local Veterinarian’s office, and moved right into the family’s brand new home. They are already quite spoiled.

It’s exciting to have new family members.  Especially the kind that live in another house! He and She can share some love with them, but I’m sure not sharing my new bedspread! 



5 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. well if me and my brother come over can we at least play on Nova’s Birthday present, yall could play in our new condo! Hey we proud to be a part of the extended family and the House of Nine Lives!!

    Love, Boots & Scooter


  2. Those are cute cousins. HOWEVER I was particularly impressed that He and She bought their new comforter in a color obviously designed to compliment your gorgeous color!!! What an inspiration you are!


  3. This are really cute cousins! I saw Scooter on FLICKR before the story of Scooter and Boots was made public and thought that you might have to start sharing your bedspread with a new addition to your current family. I was wondering how The House of 9 Lives was going to feel about a name change and what could possibly replace this great double meaning?

    I thought of: “9 Lives Plus 1”, “Nine Lives? We’ve got Ten.”, The House of 10 Lives with 9 Lives to Live.”

    I am glad there are no changes to be made. You are best the way you are. New cousins are a great addition without disruption just a lot of added beauty and fun.


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