Strange Bedfellows

DSC00792I think the saying goes “politics makes strange bedfellows”, and while there are no politics involved here, this is definitely a case of strange bedfellows.  Nova seems to think that he is an equal-opportunity napper and takes every chance to curl up with whoever is available.  I usually take my naps with Barny or Jazz.  They are my favorites to snuggle up with.  But, recently it seems I wake up to find myself cuddled up with Nova. 


Now that Nova has been living here for a while, I’ve gotten used to him, but back when he first came in the house, I couldn’t stand him! I would walk from room to room and cry and carry on, and if he dared to walk past me, I would scream like a banshee!

Nope, no politics here, but maybe the saying should be “housecats make strange bedfellows”!



2 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows

  1. ok looks like there may be some new guys close by, you may have to share a nap or two! Well did He and She tell you yet?!!!!!!!!!!!


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