Close Contact

BarnyIn a past post, I told you “He” went to the eye doctor and had an evaluation for Lasik surgery.  During that visit, He was told that He is not a candidate for that particular vision improvement technique.  So, recently, He decided He would consider an alternative surgery known as a Clear Lens Implant in which the natural lens of the eye is removed and a synthetic lens is put in its place.  However, after an extensive (and expensive) evaluation for that procedure, it turns out that he is not an ideal candidate for that one, either.  The cost is somewhat prohibitive, and the results are not totally predictable.  There would be some chance He would still have a need for glasses.  So, after much consideration, He has decided against surgery of any kind. 

However, He has decided to explore the last option available to him… Contact Lenses.  During his routine vision exam, his Ophthalmologist suggested He try Toric lenses, which are available in his prescription and do correct for astigmatism.  He has been resistant to the idea of contact lenses because of the extreme sensitivity of his eyes, but with the encouragement of the physician (and of “She”), He eventually relented.

The fitting of the lenses was quite an experience.  Of course, I wasn’t there to see it, but She said it took two technicians almost an hour to get one contact lens in his eye.  One of them said He had the strongest eyelid muscles she had ever seen!  Every time they would come at him, his eyes would just snap shut!  He was trying to cooperate and hold them open, but it was a reflexive movement!  Finally, they managed to get one lens in, and by that time, his eye was red and irritated.  However, He was encouraged at how well He could see.  The second lens, while it took several attempts, was much easier to put in place.  She said the best part was when He looked in the mirror for the first time.  He has worn glasses since He was seventeen months old, and had never actually seen himself without glasses. She thought it was a very profound moment!

The very best thing about the contacts is that He can wear sunglasses with them.  He has never owned a pair of sunglasses. The only kind He’s ever had are the ill-fitting type that clip or attach with magnets to eyeglasses.  Now, He can look cool in sporty shades.

He is still working on inserting the contacts, and hopefully with practice, He will become comfortable with the act.  He already thinks the benefits of wearing them outweigh the terror of putting them in.  So, if he can keep in close contact with that feeling, I just know he can overcome the challenge of inserting the lenses!



4 thoughts on “Close Contact

  1. I think that it is wonderful that he is going to start wearing contacts. I wore them for a long time and you can see so much better and you don’t have to worry about your glasses getting bent or broken. I saw he this morning on my way in but did not notice if he had his glasses off. I was in a hurry to get in the office.

    The picture of Barny is beautiful. I wish I could get my dogs to look at the camera like that. They act like they know I am taking their picture and they will turn their head. You are taking some really pretty pictures lately.


  2. How wonderful that the contact lenses will work out since the other 2 options couldn’t. Tell He that our tribe down here are really proud of him. I remember when I first started wearing contacts, it used to take me about 45 minutes per eye to get them in for the same reason he has — those eyelids just want to snap shut! Gradually I learned to look slightly above and off a bit instead of right AT my finger coming at me, and that helped a bit. But how AWESOME that He has new vision! Think He’lls see better how beautiful you all are and reward you with more treats? One can hope, handsome Barny! I’d give you a treat if I saw you!



  3. Every now and then I think about looking into one of the surgery options, I think again. I just can’t bring myself to do it. I have a lot of astigmatism and wear the toric lenses. When I first started wearing contacts I would have to get up an extra half hour early so I would have time to get them in. Now I pop them without even thinking about it so it does get better with practice.


  4. Let me know how “he” does. I need encouragement myself. I tried them several years ago. Took off work, took 2 hours to get ONE in and immediately took it out for fear the eye glass place would close and I’d have one stuck in my eye. I hate to put things near my eyes…Totally freak….Maybe if he can do it…so can I. Good Luck “He”


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