She’s Hooked

LilahHuggingYarnWhen this blog was first started, I always wrote about knitting and other fiber/craft related subjects.  Now, “She” has taken up crochet, and that is what she is spending her spare time on.  In a previous post, we mentioned she was making a ripple afghan.  That one actually turned out to be a very large swatch.  Because she was having a little trouble, but later realized what she was doing wrong, she just finished off the tiny little blanket and gave it to us to lay on.  It’s the perfect size for a kitty or two! 


She has since started over on a larger version of it with the same color scheme and random stripe pattern.  It is going very well so far, and will be something she can be proud of when she is done.

Here’s a picture of me demonstrating the swatch in use.  This is a typical night on the sofa at The House of 9 Lives! That’s Barny, Nova and Kosmo on the back, and me on the ripple swatch. 


I know this looks like a lot of cats, but just imagine, there are five more of us, not shown!  She needs to know how to knit, or crochet, or something, just to keep us all supplied with blankets to lay on!




3 thoughts on “She’s Hooked

  1. I love your swatch I can’t see anything wrong with it; it looks great. The cats look very happy too. I bet your next attempt will turn out beautiful. That color scheme is really pretty.

    But, how are you going to explain to the cats why the others have a larger blanket?


  2. What is the difference in Lilah and Casanova (looks)?

    What is the difference in Kosmo and Boomer (looks)?

    I have been looking at these four they look so much alike. I regonize Flirt, Alley, Barney, Jazz and Blossom. I am having trouble with the other four.

    They sure are beautiful all 9 of them.


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