Polekhat Health & Fitness

JazzBecause all good gyms have logos and t-shirts and signs, “He” wanted nothing less for his gym! So, they came up with a name and designed a logo. The plan now is to have a sign made, and maybe even a few t-shirts if the cost isn’t prohibitive. “She” said She might just get some iron on transfers for the printer and give that a try. Anyway, the name they came up with for the gym is Polekhat Health and Fitness, and the slogan is “Banging it out Old School“.

Of course, as with everything that goes on at The House of 9 Lives, there is a story here!  Years ago, He was given the nickname of “Polecat”.  For those of you who don’t know, Polecat is another name for a Skunk.  Now, He didn’t get the name because He is stinky – just want to clear that up – it’s actually a derivative of his original nickname.  Which is another story. (I promise to get to the point eventually).

He was born in Paris at the Paris-American Hospital, and at that time, children were not allowed in to visit on the maternity ward.  Because He had three siblings waiting for information, his mother sent a note home which stated “You have a new baby brother.  He has a fat little body and short arms and legs and looks like a tadpole”.  And so He was nicknamed Tadpole.

Years later, “Tadpole” became “Polecat”.  In the infancy of the Internet, it came time to choose a screen name, and of course, Tadpole was a given.  However, it had already been taken.  When his second choice of Polecat was also taken, they came up with the alternative unique spelling of “Polekhat”.

Because the gym was his vision, and we are in the South in a rural area, it seemed like a logical name.   “Banging it out old school” became his mantra during the construction of the gym, as they worked hard to complete the project.  So, at the suggestion of a friend, that became our motto.

So, without further ado, our logo for Polekhat Health & Fitness:

Polekhat Health

 Considering they aren’t artists, or designers, they are pretty pleased that it came out presentable.  Now, to get those signs and t-shirts made up!



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