The Home Gym Challenge

Sweet FlirtAfter being off work for a week, they have had a lot of catching up to do.  It has been nice to be back in a routine, though, both for us and for “He” and “She”. 

They are really enjoying the home gym.  Some years ago, their routine was vastly different than it is now.  They would come home from work, and usually go out to eat dinner, during which they paid no attention to what they were eating, then return home to spend the rest of the evening in front of the television.  They would stay up too late, and awake the next morning with no energy, and start the vicious cycle all over.  In recent years, they have learned to eat better.  They pay attention to their activity levels and try to maintain an active lifestyle.  And, (in their regular routine), they get an adequate amount of sleep each night.  The main goal is health and fitness, but with that has come the benefit of some weight loss. Now, with the home gym, they have everything they need to continue their pursuit of healthy physical conditions.

All that aside, She is just excited to have another room to decorate.  They are very pleased with the paint color, furniture finish and carpeting, but now it is time to add all the finishing touches to make the gym aesthetically pleasing.  After all, if it is a pleasant place to be, they are more likely to use it!

She wants to find decorative accessories that fit a health and fitness theme, and so far, she has only been able to find some chrome figurines in yoga poses.  (This is a bad quality picture, but you’ll get an idea of them):


 She would like to find more items.  Maybe tasteful weightlifters, runners, or bicyclists.  She only needs a few more things to sit around, and maybe one or two things for the wall, then the room will be complete.

Actually using the gym may not be as challenging as decorating it will turn out to be!



2 thoughts on “The Home Gym Challenge

  1. I love those figurines. They are just too cute! I know you are going to have fun decorating that room. I can’t wait to see what you find next.

    Both of you are really doing well on setting up a new routine to be more health oriented. I need to work on that myself. It is amazing what we do to ourselves sometimes when we don’t stop to think that the very fun we think we are having by eating unhealthy food and staying up late is the very thing that is keeping us from being happy by making us feel so bad throughout the day.


  2. I keep thinking of the health-inducing machines I have given away (including a wonderful treadmill and a top-notch elliptical) because it was embarrassing to have such nice things and not use them. Now I think I WOULD use them, but how do I know? Cats, I hope you are reminding He and She that kitties need gym equipment, too!


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