Staycation Schmacation!

Ok, if you read the last post written by Alley, you’ll know that “He” and “She” took a little time off from their day jobs last week.  It was meant to be a relaxing “staycation” spent lolling around the house.  Basically, they just wanted to emulate us cats for a few days!

 Well, the “best laid plans of mice and men” and all that – it was no staycation, at all!  Oh, it started out all nice and quaint with a visit to a nice little restaurant in town called Cactus Grill. 


 It was their first visit to the local eatery, and it was very pleasant.  They found the menu options quite varied, the atmosphere was good, and the food was very tasty.  Yeah, they had a good start.   Then, on Saturday, after breakfast, they began work on the home gym.  This is a project that has been hanging over their heads for a long time, and they decided they would take the week and get it all finished up. 

 So, with tools in hand and a very sketchy plan of what they wanted, they got to work, and a week that was supposed to be for relaxing and enjoying home became a different kind of week altogether, of carpentry, sheetrock finishing, wiring, painting, and mirror and carpet installation.  But, in the end, it was all worth it!  The room is finished!

To make it a little more interesting to work out, they added a nice sound system and a 42″ LCD Television.  In this picture, there is still work to be done, such as hiding the wires and moving all the furniture into place.  And, of course, the actual equipment needs to be added. 

Home Gym Entertainment Center

 Best of all, is our area!  Again, a little touching up needs to be done, but, you get the gist –

Home Gym  - Cat Closet


DSC00811   DSC00812

The first level houses our litter box (the big blue storage container), then, on the second floor is one feeder, and our water fountain, and in the penthouse, there are two feeders.  It’s our own little area, and we just love to climb up the levels.  We even have our own access door (the oversized mouse hole)!

Here are some pictures of the gym with the equipment in place.  Here is the Body Solid G-5 Home Gym, which promises to keep them busy with all the different exercises it offers.  It has the optional leg press attached.

Body Solid G-5

This is the new recumbent bike by Tunturi.  It has a really smooth feel to it.  She was on it this morning, and I tried to get in her lap, but that didn’t work!

Tunturi E-30

And, here you can see the Nautilus treadmill and Bowflex SelectTech dumbells they have had a for a while. (Notice Flirt is about to give the treadmill a try).

Nautilus Treadmill

After a week of long 15 hour work days, sore muscles, missed meals and complete fatigue, they are proud of all the work they have done, from ceiling to floor.  However, He felt like instead of a vacation, or staycation, they actually had a “labor-cation”!  After all this work getting the room ready, I just hope they have enough energy to use it!



7 thoughts on “Staycation Schmacation!

  1. Well i guess you guys will have some pretty hard bodies after working out on that everyday! Just be sure to be done by the time “He”&”She” get home!


  2. Nice job! I’m never able to just sit and relax…….there is always something that needs to be done or that you can get done if you are off anyways so I completely understand what happened to the staycation. Guess ya’ll will just have to take another one! 🙂


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