No Occupancy

It has been a quiet week here at The House of 9 Lives, so far.  Of course, that’s just the way we cats like it and “He” and “She” don’t have a problem with it, either!  Work continues on the Ripple Afghan She started recently, and they are both looking forward to a little time off from work week after next. 

 You may have seen in our last post that it was Jazz’ birthday.  Barny’s birthday is also this month, so in celebration of both their special days, we all got a new toy. 


Doesn’t Jazz look enthused? If you look closely, you can see Kosmo on top and Nova inside! Well, at least someone is enjoying the new toy. (Ignore the plastic on the chair – that’s another story!)

The best part of the gift was watching it being put together! It took two fairly well-educated people a little over an hour to assemble this simple nylon and plastic cat toy! I got tired of the wait and decided to take a nap, but Nova and Kosmo were ready to give it a try as soon as it was ready.  It might as well have had a “No Occupancy” sign outside.


Jazz did eventually decide to make use of the bottom level, and everyone was very content.

Some years ago, even before there were nine of us, He built a special “Cat Castle” for us to enjoy.  At our old house, it sat right in the bay window and had private cubby holes with a view.  Here is a picture of it in the process of being completed.


  We really enjoyed this piece of cat furniture and it made the move with us to this house and used to occupy the sun-room.  However through the years it became very worn and when the sun-room was removed, it had no place to go, so it was done away with.  He and She have both promised to build us something better, though, when they finish with all the house renovations they have planned.  I know they will make us something really special – with plenty of room for everyone!



3 thoughts on “No Occupancy

  1. What a nice birthday present (for everyone)!

    I like the old house too. “He” did a good job building it. I was talking to “He” about how I would like something like that for my dogs so they can look out the window.


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