The Ripple Effect

Jazz First of all, it snowed here again! “She” said she couldn’t remember it ever snowing twice in one season here.  Saturday morning they awoke to big, fluffy, juicy snowflakes that continued to fall for a few hours.  There was very little accumulation, mostly on vehicles and windowsills, and even that didn’t last for long when the sun began to shine around 8:30 a.m.  She wasn’t able to get any great pictures, but here is one She took on the way to breakfast, where “He” and “She” were joined by J. and B.

Not much too it, really, but still exciting.  You may remember our earlier post about snow here, from back in January.

 Speaking of exciting, She is excited to be working on a Crocheted Ripple Afghan.  She learned the basic crochet stitches from an aunt when She was about 10 years old, but through the years, though she started many projects, she never got very far along with any of them.  Lately, however, due to the many references to “Ripple Alongs” like Alicia’s here, and The No-End-in-Sight Ripple Along here, and this mention on, She was really itching to give the Ripple a try.  So, after a stop for coordinating colors of yarn and a new crochet hook, she got started, using the pattern found here (you may have to register to view, but it’s all free and has tons of crochet and knitting patterns).  The first few attempts went awry, but the third try took off.  She is now several inches into the pattern and it’s looking pretty good.


She started with five colors that she liked, then using this Stripe Generator she let the computer choose the order and width of the stripes. It will end up being a very random pattern and so far is working well.  She can easily imagine getting this one done and maybe a couple more, too!  I can easily imagine curling up on it to take a nice long cat nap. (Happy birthday to me).

 You can see that the ripple afghan truly does have a ripple effect, it’s contagious!



5 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect

  1. My home town is T’town — wondering if ‘they’ got snow, too! Hard to think about remembering such things now that I’m below the Snow Belt (hee hee). The afghan is so meowy-wowy! I crocheted eons ago, but never anything as great as that. SHE must really love you, Jazz! Happy Birthday!


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