Lock Out

“He” and “She” left the house yesterday to go for a walk.  It was quite a production.  First they had to get dressed.  This required finding comfortable clothes for walking, the most comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, and for her, a light jacket.  Also, She had to gather up all the necessities that she might need: tissues, lip balm, and cell phone to carry in her little bag.  That’s not all, either.  Then they had to find a water bottle that would be easy to carry, plus put on their pedometers and heart rate monitors.  Also, because they are easier to carry than a sports drink, they took along some Jelly Belly Sports Beans.  Whew! The preparations alone would be enough exercise for me!

 The weather was really beautiful and because we live in a rurual area, they decided to leave the property and trek along the winding country roads.  They locked up the house, taking along the house key, which He removed from the key chain to lighten the load somewhat, and off they went.  They got to the end of our driveway and took a left and were soon out of sight. 

Two hours and six miles later, they came from the opposite direction, up the driveway and to the house.  She came up to the door and took the key from her pouch, inserted it into the door knob and turned, but the door would not unlock.  She pulled the key out and looked at it and realized it was actually the key to the Men’s Crisis Center, and not the house!  She was crushed!  It would have been fine and good if she had wanted to build something, rather than have something cool to drink and put her feet up!  Now, we aren’t saying the house is impenetrable, but they have done a good job of making it at least inconvenient to get into, so short of breaking glass, they had to find another way.  Thankfully, they had their cell phones, but unfortunately, neighbors who have a spare key could not be gotten in touch with.  She came very close to having a little meltdown, but managed to keep it all together. 

After twenty minutes or so of her stewing and his mentally calculating the cost of repairing a window versus the cost of a locksmith on a Sunday, She asked a stupid question.  Did He check the other doors to see if by chance one of them had been left unlocked?  It seemed like a silly question.  Of course the other doors would be locked, She was almost embarrassed for having asked it.  Reluctantly, He walked up to the side entrance and opened the door!  There I sat looking at him as if to say “I wondered how long it would take you to try that!”.



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