All Buttoned Up

KosmoClose If you read Alley’s most recent post, you know that “She” has been sewing.  As is often the case, she couldn’t find what she wanted ready-made and had to resort to making it herself.  In this case, it was a John Deere shower curtain.  In the process of making the shower curtain, she had to decide between grommets or buttonholes for the shower curtain rings to go through.  She toyed with the idea of grommets, and, even though they aren’t that expensive, compared to the price of thread, they would have added to the overall cost of the project.  One perk to making an item versus buying it is being able to do it on the cheap.

Because her sewing machine isn’t quite so advanced that it could make buttonholes automatically, the grommets may have looked more attractive.  But, thanks to an ancient Kenmore Buttonhole Attachment, she was able to zip right through them.


The attachment once belonged to MawMaw, and you can see it still does a fine job of making a professional looking buttonhole.


It’s pretty amazing that it is still working so well. MawMaw always wrote the date on things when she got them, and you can see from the inside of the box lid, this thing has been around since 1963!


Forty five years!  You can see the box hasn’t held up that well, but at least the attachment still works!   Just imagine all the items through the years that were buttoned up, thanks to this tool!  I bet there were a few groovy dresses in the sixties, some bell-bottoms in the seventies, some jackets with padded shoulders in the eighties,  and a khaki skirt with buttons down the front in the nineties.  And, I know of at least two shower curtains from the current decade!  Who knows what else this antique gadget will help to create in the future?



2 thoughts on “All Buttoned Up

  1. My mother-in-law used to put dates on everything that she had. Sometimes she would talk to me about it and tell me I put this date on this and this came from here and so on… I would look and comment but didn’t really take it to heart until she was gone. Now those things that we have with dates and times and people’s names that gave them to her are all so precious to us (my husband and me). My mother-in-law was a one of a kind lady and I miss her dearly.

    It is so nice to see that your MawMaw was a thoughtful person and left memories for you too. Isn’t it wonderful to have these great people in our lives? I hope that I can leave “something” for others that gives them hope, pleasure and sometimes makes their jobs a lot easier when I am gone.

    And, it is amazing how well that attachment works after all this time. I am sure it is the care that has been given to it from your MawMaw and you.


  2. For the longest time I had a very ancient Singer sewing machine with a buttonhole attachment that looked much like that one, just a different color. The machine didn’t do anything fancy but it was a good machine. How neat that your MawMaw dated things.


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