Thinking Green

Even though we try to be environmentally conscious here at The House of 9 Lives, in this case, we are thinking John Deere Green!  “She” had promised “He” when the hall bath was decorated with a french motif (click here to see pictures from before and after that decorating project) that she would also come up with a decor that was a little less “fru-fru” and more in line with his tastes.  So, she recently re-decorated the bathroom with a John Deere theme.  The base colors in the room, the yellow walls, with black trim and black and white tile were a good background for the John Deere accents.  At first, I thought the idea was a little tacky, but it has turned out really well.

 She framed some black and white tractor photos and added a few little accents to finish the look. 

DSC00718 (2)  Hall Bath - John Deeree

 Because she couldn’t find a shower curtain to suit her, she decided to make her own.  She finally found John Deere fabric at Hobby Lobby and stitched up a cute curtain!

DSC00715 DSC00714

You might also notice the clever little tractor night light.  She wasn’t able to find one like she wanted at any local stores, and the ones that were available on line cost more to ship than the cost of the light itself, so, she made one!  It’s a simple light sensitive night light with a small John Deere tractor (actually an antenna topper from Cracker Barrel) glued in place. Works like a charm and looks just like She wanted it to!

Tractor Night Light

So, there you have it, the John Deere bathroom of his dreams!



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