Blossom “He” has been formally “crowned”.  Recently He visited the dentist for the placement of his two permanent crowns.  Overall, the procedure has gone very well.  That is, if you don’t take into account the night he got dental floss hung under one of the temporary crowns and popped it off!  It was an easy fix, though, the next day, he visited the dentist and it was promptly put back into place! 

“She” continues to recover from dental surgery on Valentine’s day.  We all really enjoyed her being home from work to keep us company and to cuddle up with.  At first I was a little miffed that She was in MY chair, but I got used to it eventually, and now that She is back at work, I can lounge here all I want.

Also in recovery is a neighboring community.  On Sunday, our area was rocked by bad weather, and the city of Prattville was hit hard with over 800 homes and businesses damaged, and many completely destroyed.  We are thinking of our neighbors and are very thankful there were no fatalities.  We’ve been told the pictures don’t show the full devastation in the area.  Blessings to all those affected here and in other parts of the state and country.

Our problems seem quite small compared to the trauma others are dealing with. Lately we’ve been counting our blessings.  While there has been a lot of downtime, and a lot of soup consumed, there has also been a lot of lap-sitting.  And that is just fine with the feline occupants of this household.  We like downtime, just fine!  Throw in a cozy fire and we are even more content.  Hopefully, soon, there will be contentment for everyone who was affected by the tornado.



One thought on “Recoveries

  1. we’ve all been thinking about the areas affected by the bad weather recently. We’ve had some bad weather but not as bad as that. Hope you are fully recovered soon. A kitty in the lap always helps with recovery.


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