Happy Valentine’s Day

DSC01777Who in Zee House of 9 Lives ees more qualeefied to brring you zee Valeentine’s Greeting zan zee grreat lov-air, Casanova? Casanova knows more about zee romance and zee love zen anyone else, exzept maybe zee leetle icon of Valeentine’s Day, Cupeed.

Howev-air, zee grreat Casanova does not rely on zee heart-teeped arrrows and bow to create zee feelings of love.  He merely gazes into zee eyes of zee one he targets and from zat moment on, all ees lost.


Zee Cupeed has no arrrows in hees queever zat can compete wiz zee looks Casanova geeves.

Een Celeebration of zee day of St. Valeentine, “He” presented “She” wiz a special drink zeez morning. A Cinnamon Love You a Latte




“He” says eef love has a taste, eet has to be Cinnamon.  So, here’s hoping your day is feeled wiz Cinnamon goodness just like zee latte!

 Wiz Love,



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