Friends in High Places

Barny Looking UpAlley has gotten into the bad habit of jumping to the top of the refrigerator. She knows she isn’t supposed to do it, but she will jump onto the island and sit there for a moment staring at “He” and “She”. Then, she will spring from there to the top of the refrigerator. She will just sit there, like it is the most natural thing in the world.


Once when she got on the counter, “She” got the laser pointer out to distract Alley and make her get down. It worked great. However, I think now she’s jumping up just so the laser pointer will come out to play!  I’m not sure who is training who around here!!  Oh well, as long as Alley is doing this, it is fair to say we’ve got friends in high places!

Speaking of friends, they went to a wedding on Saturday, and it was beautiful! The Bride was radiant and the groom was handsome. The ceremony was sweet, romantic, reverent and special. The happy couple is now cruising the Western Caribbean for their honeymoon. We wish them a lifetime of happy years together!



2 thoughts on “Friends in High Places

  1. LOL at Alley! As long as she doesn’t leap onto people from the top of the refrigerator.

    Congratulations to the bride and groom and the mother of the bride. 🙂 It sounds like a lovely wedding.


  2. I think Alley has found the perfect spot to survey the surroundings. All those below better not do something she dosen’t like they might recieve a gift from above that they weren’t looking for.

    The wedding sounds like it was beautiful “He” told me about it yesterday. J. also told me about it when I went to get my lunch. J.was going on and on about how beautiful it was. I know that the pictures of T. were beautiful. I am so happy for T.


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