I Hear Bells!


Wait! No, that’s the can opener! And, oh…what’s that? TUNA!  “She” is a very brave woman to open a can of tuna at The House of 9 Lives. Want to create a stampede, or something?  Boy, the smell of tuna in the house really gets everyone cranked up. It’s like she’s playing defense to get the ingredients all mixed up and put in the fridge.


So, “He” will be having tuna salad for lunch today.  They usually eat together, but She has a special afternoon planned with their special friend T.J. who is getting married tomorrow!  They are going to have a girl’s afternoon of lunch at a nice little bistro, shopping, manicures and pedicures and a lot of giggling!  She will get to feel like the Mother of the Bride, which is such an honor for her.  T.J. and D.W. are a great couple, and we all wish them years of love and happiness together. After the wedding, they are taking a honeymoon cruise!

 So, guess there are bells after all. Wedding Bells! Congratulations to the Happy Couple!



One thought on “I Hear Bells!

  1. It is a dangerous spot to be in in the House of 9 Lives opening a can of tuna. I don’t know if I would have the nerve. But, I think all of the 9 lives that live there are pretty sweet and you are save.

    It is so nice to go out with someone and “giggle.” I know that T. will be happy to have you go with her today. She is a very sweet girl and I wish her all the happiness she dreams of in the coming years of her marriage. And, you have fun being the Mother of the Bride today.


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