Rock Star Invasion

Jazz Tuckered This weekend we were invaded by Rock Stars!  “He” and “She” hosted his nephew, B., B.’s girlfriend M., and B.’s best friend (the other) M.  They really had a blast.  They enjoy visits from the collegiate crowd, and to top it all off, B. brought his Xbox 360 and the game Rock Band.  Being a a little out of touch with the genre, He and She were not familiar with this game, but quickly realized how much fun it could be.  Each player has a very realistc instrument or microphone and follows the charts shown on screen to play the music or perform vocals.  The game proved to be very challenging.  He was able to keep up playing the drums and base guitar, but She shut the game down completely doing vocals!  Well, She never wanted to be a singer anyway – so there were no dreams shattered!


The house was rockin’ for a while! Video games have really come a long way.  He and She remember being captivated by Pong!

Saturday morning, everyone got up and went to their favorite little diner for a great breakfast.  Later, She fed them again by making homemade doughnuts!  This is a tradition (or, bad habit, call it what you will) started by Nanny years ago.  B. remembered them from his childhood and his friends were anxious to try them.  They were impressed, so it seems now the tradition will continue!  They also polished off a large pot of chili during the visit!  Personally, I enjoyed the company more when the game was put away and everyone settled in before the television to snack and watch movies!  Barny is never very social, so she never showed herself, and Flirt is very concerned when there are visitors in the house.  Periodically through the night, she would jump on the bed with He and She to let them know there were other people lying about.

Everyone is now off to work and school, so the house is back to its normal quiet atmosphere.  I just wish they had left that game behind. I know I could rock those drums, and Flirt could definitley handle the vocals!



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