Grin and Bear It

DSC00540“He” and “She” saw a new dentist, Dr. Barrett, on Monday.  They were in for quite a surprise.  She was asked if it had been a long time since she had seen a dentist, and He has been walking around with a cracked tooth!  In fact, they’ve seen a dentist regularly for years and are disappointed to find out the care they received was apparently neglectful.

He needs to have two crowns and She is going to need some minor dental surgery.  She was at a loss to understand how her situation was so dire when she brushes four times and flosses three times a day.  But, the periodontist Dr. Barrett referred her to did a good job explaining the factors of bacteria, anatomy, genetics and the role that old dental work can play.  So, She is scheduled to have her first procedure done on February 14th.  That’s right, Valentine’s Day.  But, She is okay with that.  Now that she knows there is a problem, she doesn’t mind doing whatever has to be done to solve it. 

So far, they really like Dr. Barrett.  He has a new practice in the area.  He’s young and innovative and excited about his chosen profession.  He’s even fearless (he’s a past winner on Fear Factor).  Hopefully, He and She will receive better treatment and care than they did from their former dentist who has been in practice for a long time and must be just burned out. 

 The only thing Dr. Barrett needs now is a partner named Dr. Grihn.  Then, they could call the practice “Grihn and Barrett”! 



5 thoughts on “Grin and Bear It

  1. If “Grin and Bear It” was the motto of Grihn and Barrett that might not be too inviting but it would be a neat name for a practice. I was thinking, what if Dr. Barrett had a sign that said, “Barret. And Grin.”


  2. You never do find a doctor of any kind that likes the work of another unless they are friends. I commend you “she” for making the decission to look further for better care, your oral health is just as important as any other part of your body’s care. Good Luck and keep smiling!!!!!


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