Here’s a picture of me in which you can obviously see my aura!  It’s as plain as the tail on a mouse!

Alley's Aura

Speaking of the paranormal, for years, cats were associated with witchcraft and other mystical movements.   But, once upon a time, our kind was highly esteemed by ancient cultures.  In Egypt, we were considered sacred.  Dieties, even.  So much to the point that cities were established which became centers of worship of the cat goddess.  Well, I don’t see much difference between ancient Egypt, and The House of 9 Lives!  We are pretty much catered to and idolized around here as well!  I wonder if “He” and “She” were ancient Egyptians in past lives and have been reincarnated to the cat lovers we know today?

About that picture, though – we don’t really think that’s my aura, we just think it is bad photography.  We are certain “She” is no reincarnated Ansel Adams*!


*The only well known photographer we could think of!


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