Pictures Don’t Lie…or, Do They?

BlossomPeople used to say pictures don’t lie.  But, with today’s capabilities of computer imaging and simple tools like Photoshop, that isn’t really a true statement any longer.  Take for instance, the picture in the banner of this web-page.  Sure, that’s all of us here in The House of 9 Lives on a nice red sofa.  From left to right in the foreground: Boomer, me, Barney, Flirt, Lilah, and Jazz.  Seated behind us is Alley, then Kosmo, and that is Nova draped over the back of the sofa.  Now, it would be great to think we all played nicely and posed for this picture, but it just isn’t so! I’m sorry to shatter anyone’s illusions, but that picture is the result of the magic of Photoshop.  “She” was actually learning to use the software, so it might not be the greatest endeavor, but she did manage to get all nine of us in one picture.  And, that sofa?  Not ours.  Just one that she really liked that had a picture on-line.  She thought for a long time she would eventually have that beautiful red sofa, but she didn’t choose it in the long run.  Something about getting cat hair off upholstery?  I don’t know why that would even be an issue.  No matter, we enjoy the nice leather sofa she got instead.

 But, back to pictures.  You may already know we live in the central area of the state of Alabama.  An area not known for it’s mountainous regions.  However, the photo she took early one morning last week would almost have you to believe we are surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Mountain View 2


Actually, what you see in the distance behind the trees in this picture are very dark, low-lying clouds.  She was struck by the resemblance to mountains and just had to take a picture.  Here is another picture of the same tree line that was taken a few years ago.


No mountains.  The rainbow is real, though.  This picture isn’t lying, but remember, sometimes they do! 



3 thoughts on “Pictures Don’t Lie…or, Do They?

  1. It is really amazing how that picture looks like snow covered mountains. It is a pretty picture even if it is a lie. I love the rainbow too.


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