The Mother of Invention

boomer-bored.jpg“She” has been on a mission to decorate again.  Now that Christmas is over and all the decorations were put away, the house was looking very bare.  She managed to put together a few things to fill up the awesome mantle “He” built (which has still managed to be cat-free, by the way).  She says she’s not totally pleased with it, yet, but at least it isn’t naked!  Here’s a picture of how it looks right now:

Mantle Decor

The pictures in the frames are photos she took, when she first got her new camera, one morning as they were leaving the driveway.  Here’s what they look like:

Foggy Morning Tree in Fog

Next to the armoire are two tower speakers for the sound system.  Before Christmas, she decided she wanted to place a small Christmas tree on each of those to flank the armoire.  However, the tops of the speakers are shiny, somewhat domed caps, and any item placed there would slide right off.  So, she decided they needed shelves.  Because “He” had so many projects she had already come up with, she decided to build the shelves herself.  Here’s a photo of the shelves in progress in the the primer stage:


And, here with some Christmas Decor:


“He” helped only by making suggestions.  She pretty much designed and built them all by herself.  Who says power-tools are just for guys? There may have been a few questionable vocabulary choices made along the way, but she got the shelves built!

She hopes to find a couple of topiaries to put on the shelves now that the Christmas trees are gone, but so far, no luck with the shopping.  But, because “necessity is the mother of invention”, if she can’t find what she wants, she’ll just “invent” them, just like she did with the shelves!



4 thoughts on “The Mother of Invention

  1. The pictures are beautiful, the mantel is beautiful, the shelves are beautiful. The shelves were such a great idea too! I wish He and I were as creative as He and She but I guess you can’t have everything.


  2. Isn’t it funny how bare the mantels look after the garland comes down? I like the wooden thingies (I can’t think of a good name for them, finials maybe?), they add a nice amount of color and look like they would be Very Loud and Satisfying if they were knocked down.


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