It is Decidely So

barnyalone.jpgIt took me a long time to decide what to write about today, so I opted to write about decision-making.  There are all kinds of decisions.  Some are hard, some are no-brainers and some just never get made.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were an easy way to make a decision?  I’ve heard about this little thing called a Magic Eight Ball – wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those to help you out with all those things that are just too confusing to settle on your own?

 The Magic Eight Ball will answer “yes or no questions” with such replies as “Better not tell you now”, “It is certain” and “My sources say no”, among others.  If they made a Magic Eight Ball for cats, it would probably be rather boring, as the only possible answer it could provide would be “Yes”.  For example: “Magic Eight Ball, should I lay in this sunbeam for a nice long nap?” The answer would of course be “Yes”.  Or, “Magic Eight Ball, should I wake and stretch to twice my normal length and step over to my bottomless food dish for a snack?” Again, the answer would naturally be “Yes”.  Since there are no Magic Eight Balls specifically for cats, I will use the on-line version here to ask “Is it time for me to stop work and get to the real business of cat-napping?”  The Eight Ball’s answer: “It is decidedly so”.  Well, this thing just may really be magic!



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