Eek! A Mouse! (And, Happy New Year!)

Lilah&Fireplace It’s New Year’s Eve, and as I write, 2008 is just around the corner.  As you can see, I’ve already staked out my place to spend it!  There’s nothing better than cozying up to a roaring fire and enjoying the warmth and comfort of home.  I know many of you will have big plans for the evening, with fancy clothes and noisemakers to ring in the New Year.  I find that the New Year comes in just fine when I sleep right through it! 

For the most part, it’s always pretty quiet around here.  We try to liven it up as much as we can.  For instance, a few days ago, Nova thought it would be a lot of fun to leave a mouse in the bathtub for “He” and “She” to find when they came home from work!  We thought it was a great plan, but were really disappointed when instead of shrieking, she started laughing and got the camera.  “He” came to see what was so funny and started laughing too!


Shouldn’t they take a mouse in the bathtub more seriously than that?  I mean, come on! Appreciate all the hard work that went into it!  First the mouse had to be stalked, then played with until subdued, then we had to carry it into the bathtub.  It was all quite a production!

Oh well, at least she put the mouse into our toy basket, so we can get a fresh start on stalking it all over again.  And, that’s what the New Year is all about, too.  A brand new start, full of promise and hope. 

From all of us here at The House of 9 Lives, we wish you a New Year in which you can realize all your dreams…and, we hope you get a gifty-mouse in your bathtub every now and then if that will make you smile!



4 thoughts on “Eek! A Mouse! (And, Happy New Year!)

  1. She!!!!!
    That is so cute especially about the mouse. Your Kats write well!!!

    I see you all had great Christmas – even She and He!

    Happy New Year to all!!!!!



  2. That is so cute a mouse just for the two of you. The fire looks wonderful. I love a nice fire.

    Hope all of the 9 lives at the house of 9 lives have a happy new year and He and She have the best year they have ever had and all their dreams come true in 2008.


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