From Casanova, With Love

Let the Games BeginFeliz Naviad, Joyeux Noël, frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale, christmas alegre, vrolijke Kerstmis!

No matter zee language, zee message ees zee same!  To Zee Great Casanova, Chreestmaz ees Love.  And, zat ees vhat ve vish for each of you, love and peace, zees Chreestmaz season.  May your days be feeled wiz Joy and zee presence of zee ones you love.

I know many of you have so much to do, eet ees a busy time of zee year, but in zee rushing around to get things done, don’t lose sight of zee meaning of eet all.  Eenjoy zee moment, and, in zee meantime, I veel keep your spot warm for you!


Merry Christmas,



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