Everything it’s Cut Out to Be

BoomerIf you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that “She” has once again been involved in an on-line swap.  This time it was an ornament swap for Alabama Knitters.  The basis of the swap was that each person would send their partner a hand made ornament.  Even though they are a group of knitters, the ornaments did not necessarily have to be knitted, but had to be hand made. 

“She” was given the information to send an ornament to The Yarn Nut, Cindy.  Cindy is learning to spin, and for Christmas is getting a spinning wheel.  She is going to learn to take raw fiber and spin it into yarn which she can then dye and knit into beautful projects.  Because this is a meaningful thing to Cindy, “She” chose to honor that by sending Cindy a spinning wheel ornament.  To do this, “She” used a scroll saw for the first time and cut out the shape of the spinning wheel, then used decoupage medium to attach a picture of the spinning wheel to the wood.  For a first time project on the scroll saw, it turned out pretty well.  Using the scroll saw is everything it’s cut out to be! (Pun intended).  We feel sure there will be many future projects done on the scroll saw.

Spinning Wheel Ornament

Prior to sending the ornament, “She” sent a goodie package including fudge from Chocodelphia which was packed in the little round box.  Also from Chocodelphia, were little Alabama shaped chocolates.  Cindy wrote a post about the package, here on her blog!  She also left a sweet comment for us, here on this post.

Ornament Swap Package

This was the first time, “She” had gone to Chocodelphia, but I bet it won’t be the last!  That place could be dangerous!!We are glad to hear Cindy enjoyed all the goodies and her ornament, and wish her and everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas!



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