All You Need to Know

BarnyAll you need to know about the daily existence here at The House of 9 Lives is pretty much summed up by this blog.  Take, for example, the counts on the categories of the posts here.  It can tell you a lot, like the fact that as of right now, there are 69 posts here about cats, 19 about home renovations and only 3 about cooking!

Cooking on a regular basis is defintely not something that “She” is good at.  However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have skills!  Somehow, without much practice, she manages to put together a pretty good Turkey & Dressing dinner.  She doesn’t do anything real elaborate, but everyone seems to enjoy it.  This weekend, “He” and “She” will be hosting their families’ Christmas parties.  On Saturday, his family will come.  We expect about 30 guests at that party.  Everyone will bring something, and “She” will prepare the turkey, dressing, and sweet potato casserole.  

Then, on Sunday, her familiy will come for an afternoon party with finger foods.  “She” is going to try out two new recipies, and hopefully those will turn out well.  They are expecting a smaller group of only 22 people or so.

It’s all very stressful, and I’m not talking about the planning, the cooking, and the cleaning.  I’m talking about for us, the cats!  That’s a lot of people in the house.  But, we will spend the time in the master bedroom under the bed.  “He” and “She” will make it a priority to give us that room as our sanctuary, because, afterall, there are 69 posts here about cats!



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