She’s Very Smart. Very…Crafty.

LilahWriting.jpgBecause “She” is part of an on-line group known as Alabama Knitters, she has become involved in another swap.  This one is an ornament swap, and the only stipulation is that the ornament be hand-made.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be knitted, just hand-made.  “She” has elected to do something a little different, and has decided to use wood in the making of the ornament.  Because this is all still very secret, that’s all I am going to say for now.  But in a later post, we will share the new skill she is attempting!

 In the world of knitting, currently there isn’t much of anything going on.  However, she has finished several projects since my last post.  This is her first attempt at illusion knitting:


I know the season has come and gone, but we wanted to share this with you.  Above, you see the dishcloth showing the stripes, but if you look at just the right angle, the image of candy corn appears!


This was a cool project and turned out really great.  In addition to the dish rag, she made a halloween themed cell phone cozy:


She went a little cell phone cozy crazy and actually made 5 of them!  She made a gray one, a pretty pink one with white fuzzy trim and two red ones with white fuzzy trim for the Christmas Season!


So, that pretty much sums up the creative/crafty/knitty activity around The House of 9 Lives lately.  But you can never tell what will come up next. Plans. Schemes. “She” is hatching something, you can count on that. “She” is very smart.  Very….crafty.

For now, the frenzy is on to prepare for the annual family Christmas parties.  His family here on the second Saturday and hers on that Sunday.  I predict a lot of time under the bed!



One thought on “She’s Very Smart. Very…Crafty.

  1. I received my ornament today and that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love it. And what a clever idea. I hung it on my tree and when I take it down, I will hang it on my spinning wheel. That is just the most perfect ornament. I am so excited about learning to spin. I took a short class at the SAFF convention in North Carolina and I was hooked. I didn’t think I even wanted to learn. Thanks again for such a creative ornament.


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