Let the Games Begin!

jazzinshadow.jpgWell Thanksgiving came and went around here with very little fanfare.  Though, it was really nice to have “He” and “She” around for four days, there wasn’t a whole lot of time for any lap sitting!

Most of their time was spent finishing little projects around the house.  Seems there is always something that needs to be done.  “She” has also gotten involved in another swap on-line.  This one is among the Alabama Knitters, and each person is sending their partner a hand-made ornament.  She isn’t knitting an ornament for her partner, but is doing something different.  We’ll have to post some information on what it is once the secret is out.

Then, there was the final game of the College Football Season for fans of Auburn and Alabama, so they had company on Saturday night.  That was a lot of fun! Both teams were represented, however, the Auburn fans were happier with the outcome.

“She” also spent some time finishing the Christmas decorating.  This is the first year in a long time “She” has decorated the tree with anything other than lights and candycanes.  Already, the fun has begun.  It’s Nova’s first Christmas tree, and he thinks all the ornaments are his own personal cat toys!  After he had wrestled a couple of (shatter-resistant, thank goodness) ornaments from the tree, “He” recommend that “She” just give Nova an ornament to play with.  So far, it has helped.  He seems content to bat his ornament around and has refrained from stealing anymore from the tree.  But, according to my calculations, there are still about 29 days until Christmas, so we will just have to see if the tree remains decorated!  For Nova, I’m afraid this will all be one big Christmastime game!

Let the Games Begin



One thought on “Let the Games Begin!

  1. Question – how do you keep the nine from climbing the tree? We have five, but know four will climb. The senior kitty knows Christmas trees are for admiring and sitting under.


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