Smile and say “Catnip”

NovaSanta Claus has come early to zee House of 9 Lives.  “He” has gotten her an early present.  Eet ees a Sony Cybershot 8.1 mega peexel camera.  “She” ees taking peek-tures of everyzing!

“She” has also set up somezing known as a Fleeker account.  Eet ees a place on zee internet to store photos.  Ve vill see how eet vorks out.  Here are just a few of zee peek-tures she has taken.  You may click on any one of them to veesit her Fleeker page.

  Gumballs Four O'clock Foggy Morning Cassanova

“She” ees steel learning zee settings on zee camera, howev-air, she ees having great fun in zee meantime!  Who knows vhat she vill take a peek-ture of next?

Barbed Wire

Eef you see her coming at you wif a leettle peenk camera, be sure to smile and say “catnip”!



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