Why Cats are Better than Kids

sweetflirt.jpgJazz says I have to include this:  The opinions expressed here are those of one small gray cat and do not necessarily reflect the positions of other members of The House of 9 Lives. 

Why Cats are Better than Kids:

1. My toys are less expensive, (though I do tend to lose them under the armoire, the stove, the couch…well, you get the idea).

2. I won’t need college tution, (what could an institution of higher learning possibly teach me?).

3. I won’t backtalk, (not in English, at least).

4. I won’t throw wild parties when we are left at home alone for a weekend, (though, I might walk on the kitchen counters).

5. I won’t grow up, and move away.  I’ll always be your baby (when I am not displeased with you for leaving us alone for a weekend).

6. I won’t ask for the keys to the car (as a matter of fact, I hate the car!).

7.  The best gift you can give me is an empty box (even boxes you don’t give me are great).

8. I will give my own self a bath, (and don’t you dare try).

9. I can purr (like a Harley).

10. One Christmas Stocking for nine of us is fine with me (afterall, the toys are all going to the same place…under the armoire, the stove, the couch…well, you get the idea).




3 thoughts on “Why Cats are Better than Kids

  1. Ha! I love the stocking! And word on the toys everywhere… EVERYWHERE! Except where they want it. Meow meow meow it’s my falt they lost it, of course.


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