The Score: 1-0

blossom-laying-in-front-of-fire.jpgYes, Alabama is the home of “Football as Religion”, but I’m here to give an update on “The Great Mantle Wars“.  “He” and “She” have completed the fireplace makeover with the installation of the new mantle, and man, it looks sweet!  Quite a difference from the original wood-burning stove, wouldn’t you say? The thumbnails below are a little fuzzy, so you can click on each picture for an enlargement.


You can tell from the picture the room is still not quite completed.  Once the floor tile is completely grouted, the baseboards will be installed, and the living room can be considered done.

Now comes the task of decorating for Christmas.  This ought to be good!  “She” has wanted a mantle at Christmas since the first Christmas they lived here.  I think “He” is going to have a hard time holding her off on the Christmas decorating until Thanksgiving, which is when they traditionally put up their decorations.

A few weeks ago, Barny wrote about the new mantle, and how it was likely to become a bone of contention because “She” would want to decorate it, and we would want to walk on it.  However, so far, Barny has been off target.  Not even Alley, who can never resist a height, has shown any interest in walking on the mantle.  “She” was careful to decorate with unbreakable items, but as of yet, there hasn’t been a problem.

Therefore, the score as it now stands in the “The Great Mantle Wars”: “She” – 1, Cats – 0.  We’ll have to see how this game plays out!



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