The Scariest Thing

boomer-bored.jpgHappy Halloween! 

Halloween is all about being scared, isn’t it?  Well, that makes me the foremost authority on Halloween, here in The House of 9 Lives!  It doesn’t take much at all to get me spooked, and under the covers on the bed, I go!  Jazz has tried to tell me that I’m not really hiding, but I think if I can’t see, then I can’t be seen!

Halloween as an event is actually a pretty quiet time around the house, though.  We don’t have any trick or treaters come to visit, and there aren’t any parties or anything going on, so it’s really just like any other day. 

However, in an effort to acknowlege the date, I’m going to share a picture with you of the scariest thing I know of:

Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

Eek! If anyone needs me, I’ll be under the bed!!!



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