Being Green is Easier than You Think!

LilahImagine the surprise that “She” felt when she checked the mail last night and discovered a package from her friend Foxyie in Pennsylvania!  In it were two big hanks of yarn! One is a cream color wool, and is actually from a sweater that Foxyie recycled by unraveling the sweater and turning it back into usable yarn!  “She” was thrilled about this, as it really appeals to the tree hugger in her! The light color lends itself nicely to dyeing, and Foxyie even knitted up a swatch and dyed it to show how nicely it takes color.  “She” has never dyed yarn before, so that will be an adventure, I’m sure! Hope she doesn’t wind up dyeing me in the process!!  Also in the package was a hank of LionBrand Fisherman’s Wool which Foxyie had alread died the most luscious colors of green and blue.  We all think it is really fabulous and can’t wait to see it all knitted up.  “She” doesn’t have a clue yet, what she is going to make!

Foxyie is the sweetest thing for sending a “thank you” for her Secret Swap Package!  Here is the beautiful yarn she sent:


We also have a couple of finished objects to share with you.  The first is Calorimetry.  It is a combination headband, ear warmer thingy, and while it knitted up nicely, the pattern had to be altered slightly, or it would have been huge! Here is the pattern and pictures of it worn by a model.  It was designed for those ladies who would like to keep their ears warm, but not deal with “hat hair”!  “She” made hers from a beautiful green wool left over from the yet unfinished green/brown purse.  For those curious about the word Calorimetry, you can find the definition here.


The other finished object is a cell phone pouch, which was made from some gray Caron Simply Soft that she had on hand.  This was her first attempt at making cables and I must say, they turned out nicely!  The pouch is designed with a flap, but “She” wasn’t happy with the way it looked, so she just tucks it in, and it works great.  Now she can carry her cell phone around and is less likely to drop it as the pouch has a wrist strap.  She would love to make another one in pink to match her cell phone.


Also completed recently is a mitered dishcloth from a pattern found in Creative Knitting magazine.  The mitered squares turned out well, however, she really needs some help in the seaming department.  I don’t know why she has such trouble with it, she has been sewing since she was nine years old.  The seaming looks so bad, she wouldn’t even take a picture of the finished object.  But as a dishcloth, it works great!

Keep in mind the recycled yarn the next time you run across a sweater that doesn’t appeal to you but is made from a nice fiber! It’s a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle!  We should all try to be a little more green in our daily lives – and if it’s that pretty green that Foxyie died the wool, it’s a beautiful thing!

That about sums up the knitting progress around here.  Now to get her started on something with all the beautiful yarn she is accumulating!



One thought on “Being Green is Easier than You Think!

  1. The yarn is beautiful. I never thought about reusing yarn that is a great idea.

    You knitting is pretty. I love the Cable Cell Phone Pouch. I have been trying to knit again and I am still having trouble with pearl. I don’t know what my problem is. When I pearl it still looks like knit. That is what happened to me before and I just started crocheting.


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