The Great Mantle Wars

barny-curled-up.jpgWork continued this weekend on the makeover of the fireplace.  “He” has finished building the fireplace mantle, and the granite tile was grouted.  Now all that is left to do is paint the mantle and install it.  Here’s a cell phone picture of the mantle so far:


“She” is concerned because she knows a battle will soon ensue.  Part of the excitement of getting a mantle is to be able to decorate it with nice things.  However, to certain cats in this household, the mantle will look like a good place to perch.  Therefore, whatever goes on the mantle will have to be unbreakable in case it gets knocked off, which will really limit her choices.  I know she is thinking of ways now to discourage mantle walking, but I think she’s going to have her hands full with that one!

 If anyone has any great tips to share, please leave them in the comments.  “She” would be willing to try anything that wouldn’t hurt anyone.  I’m not interested in heights, so I don’t mind whatever she decides to try, but if I had to choose sides, I’m thinking Alley is going to win this one!



3 thoughts on “The Great Mantle Wars

  1. Beautiful!
    hm..I don’t know what to say about the maybe cat problems ahead. Cats will be cats aka they’ll go anywhere they want even if it’s really uncomfortable so throw away that idea of decorating the mantle with nails and tacks 🙂


  2. Looks like it’s going to be really pretty! Ya know I don’t think my crew have ever even attempted to jump up on our mantle so maybe yours will ignore as well. Maybe put some no-breakables up there temporarily and see if they do then start decorating nicely. The main messer-upper of my matle is husband piling change and keys etc up there…how tacky!


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