Improving Home Improvement

jazzinshadow.jpgThis might sound like a commercial, but really, it isn’t.  It’s just a celebration of the fact that the city closest to us is getting a new Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.  That’s really big news for us here in The House of 9 Lives.  You see for the past six years that “He” and “She” have lived in this house and have been renovating it room by room, they have had to drive about 35 miles each way anytime they needed to make a hardware purchase.  Now, with the new location, Lowe’s will only be about 18 miles away. Wow. They can only hope for a Starbuck’s now!

 They are so excited about the new store, and as much as they love home improvement, have even joked about getting part time jobs there!  I would have to veto that idea, however, because between their working full time and working on the house, I’m not getting enough lap time as it is!

There is a risk that with the new store being so close by, they may make more purchases, which could cost more money in the long-run, but with the money they will save on gas, it could just come out even.  Then, if you consider the convenience factor, it has to be better.

Lowe’s. Coming to a city near us!  That’s a big improvement to home improvement in my opinion!



3 thoughts on “Improving Home Improvement

  1. I can just see ya’ll at Lowe’s, like two little kids in a candy shop. I am currently building a new dog house for Morgan, thats pretty much on the same level of building a new room…..right?


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