Weekend Review

dsc01776.jpgZee veekend flew by once again.  Saturday vas a productive day, as “He” and “She” worked on zee fireplace by installing a granite surround.  Zee results are fantastico, and vhen zee mantle ees complete, ve vill share zee photos vith you.

 “He” and “She” have compiled a leest of all zee projects zey need to complete.  Zee count comes to about 40 different projects, ranging from seemple hour-long projects to weeks-long projects like zee sunroom addeetion.  One time vhen “She” referred to getting done vith zee house, our friend D. said “you’ll nev-air leev zat long”…”He” and “She” are begeening to believe she was right!

Saturday evening, J. and B. came to visit and ve vatched zee college football.  Zere vas a lot of noise and hustle and bustle, but I deed not mind at all.  I am an equal-opportunity lap-seeter, and I had my choice of who to seet veeth, so I veesited around zee room and spent a leetle time wiz every-vone!  Our team even managed a vin, so every-vone vas happy.

I zink on Sunday, “He” and “She” vere mocking us cats.  Zey both slept most of zee day!  Zey nev-air do zat.  Zey are blaming eet on zee flu shots zey had on Friday.  I zink, purr-haps zey vere just exhausted after looking at zat project leest!



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