Something’s Burning

flirtcloseup.jpgWell, not yet, but it will be!

 “He” and “She” spent some time this weekend gathering up and splitting firewood.  It’s usually a big ordeal every year when they go out to do this, but this year, it went fairly smoothly.  First of all, their friend, D. came up to help out and get some wood of his own, so another pair of hands was a great help!  Secondly, having the four-wheeler and the trailer was a big help in getting the logs out of the woods and back up to the house.  Splitting the logs is not the chore it would seem, thanks to a Troy-Bilt 27 ton gas-powered log splitter.

“He” and “She” try not to be wasteful when going out for firewood and have been successful, so far.  Every year there has been at least one big tree brought down by nature, and it has provided enough firewood for the season.  If any cutting is done, it is usually just a limb here and there. It’s amazing how much firewood just one limb from a mature oak tree can provide!

We love the winter when there is the smell of espresso in the air and a warm inviting fire in the fireplace!  Speaking of the fireplace, “He” and “She” are starting the final stage of the fireplace makeover.  Right now, we just have sheet-rock walls surrounding the fireplace opening.  They have decided to place black granite tiles around the opening, and then “He” will build a mantle surround out of pine which may be left natural, or might get painted white.  They want to see how it looks, first.  Because of the pine ceiling, it might just be too much pine.  We want the look of “Contemporary Farmhouse”, not “Woodsy Lodge”!

Here is a picture of what was here when they first moved in:

She” really hated the wood burning stove. Not only was it ugly, it wasn’t terribly efficient.  The plan was to remove the stove and use the existing fireplace behind it, but they were told there had been a chimney fire and the fireplace could not be used.  So, out came the sledge hammers and they demolished the brick hearth and surround.  They both say it was the hardest work they’ve done out of all the projects they’ve undertaken!  With the brick gone, the old fireplace insert was removed, and framing for a new insert was built.  The new insert and chimney were professionally installed (they didn’t want to take any chances with that part), and “He” and “She” replaced all the paneling with sheet-rock.  Keep an eye out here for future progress on the fireplace – it’s going to look “hot”!



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