The Cat is Out of the Bag!

dsc01771.jpg“She” received her Secret Theme Swap package!  It was one of the most exciting things that has happened around here for a while! I thought for a minute it was Christmas!

She came in the house all excited and was taking pictures of everything!  The funny thing was, she opened her box from the bottom, so the card that told her who it was from was the last thing she got to.  She kept “oohing” and ahhing” over everything and saying “Who is it? Who is it?”.

Well, she finally found out, her Swapper was Riss!  Riss lives way up in Massachusetts! A long way from here!  But, the box arrived with lots of goodies, all safe and sound!  The day the package came, she took a lot of pictures with her cell phone.  Those pictures can be viewed on the forum.  They didn’t turn out very good, though, so we took this better picture tonight.


Shown are the two balls of Bamboo yarn in a beautiful soft blue, the hank of Wool in beautiful shades of brown, a handmade book mark crocheted from cotton and trimmed with tiny stars,  a pack of bamboo double point needles and my favorite, handmade stitch markers with cats on them!  Not pictured here are a few things that have already been enjoyed, like the extra special chocolates, the Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee, the sweet little crocheted mouse (that I hid this afternoon), and the handmade knitting kitty, which she took to work to put on her desk.  There is also a binder of patterns for her to try so she can learn to do cables.  She is itching to get started, but will probably start with some sacrificial acrylic yarn.  She wants to save the beautiful Rowan Classic Bamboo Soft and the Hand Dyed Peruvian Wool (the color is called coffee bean!) until she knows her skills are up to the quality of the yarn!

Riss did a wonderful job, and all the handmade items were really appreciated.  Especially the little gray mouse with the pink ears and nose…now, where did I put that?



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