Under Pressure

blossom-laying-in-front-of-fire.jpgWhat a busy weekend we had! First of all, our house was invaded by high-strung people who made a lot of noise! I mean, a house full of cats that are only accustomed to the company of “He” and “She” were thrown into quite a bit of turmoil by the visit of three college students this weekend.  Nephew B., his girlfriend M. and also his best friend M. came to visit and spent the night with us on Friday night. They also brought B.’s puppy Morgan.  She is a six month old German Shepherd, who was very well behaved, but we were glad she stayed outside! I didn’t have any problem with being social with the visitors, however, some of the others stayed under the bed the entire time they were here.  Nova, Kosmo and I are party animals, so we were happy to join in the fun.  It got really rowdy on Saturday afternoon, though, when the college football games began.  We were joined by N. and C. and had fans of both Auburn and Alabama in the house, so it was pretty constant yelling and cheering for several hours!!  After the games, everyone cleared out and all the other cats came out of hiding and tiptoed and sniffed around for a while before settling back into the normal routine.

On Sunday, “He” and “She” broke out their newest toy, a Dewalt pressure washer. 

 It’s amazing what you can do with high pressure water.  They used it on the old privacy fence panels that surround what used to be the swimming pool.  At the beginning, the boards were aged and gray, but after using the pressure washer, they look almost new!  When they were done, the whole fence looked like it had been replaced.  It made a big difference. I guess there is a moral somewhere in there about high pressure situations and renewal and rebirth, but hey, that’s all way too existential for me to contemplate!Blossom


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. I couldn’t see the picture of the fence but that’s a nice pressure washer. We’ve been needing one. If it does a good job I may check in to that kind. My kitty kid don’t like visitors either. They like it very quiet and normal.


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