Secret Theme Swap

boomer-bored.jpg“She” is involved with an on-line forum at  It has been a great experience for her to connect with other knitters across the world, and has provided a wealth of information to enhance her knitting skills.

Most recently, she participated in a swap, known as a “Secret Theme Swap”.  Each participant completed a questionnaire with basic questions about themselves and provided several themes for  their shopper to choose from.  Then, partners were assigned at random and a deadline for mailing was set.  The idea was to provide the “swappee” with yarn and a pattern so they could learn a new technique.

There was a lot of teasing and hinting going on in the forum, creating a lot of excitement and anticipation.  Because the package “She” sent has been received, and the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, I am writing about it today!

Our package went to Foxyie all the way up in Pennsylvania!  Foxyie is great at knitting, and from what I can tell is great at all kinds of crafts!  She has even been dyeing her own yarn! And, she hasn’t been knitting that long.  We are very impressed with her skills!  The best thing about Foxyie’s package is that it was a CAT THEME! What else would we send?  Foxyie has two kitties, and we couldn’t resist including something for them.  While “She” was buying yarn and needles and a few little knickknacks, we were making sure the kitties got something!  Here is a picture of Foxyie’s kitty Bebe playing with one of the toy mice we sent!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

“She” hasn’t received her box from her “Swapper” yet, but even though her identity is still secret, the Swapper has been in touch.  “She” doesn’t mind waiting a little longer, as the Swapper seems so sweet!  Stay tuned, and we might even unveil the Swapper in a post to come! 



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