Moving on Up

barny-curled-up.jpgYep, the title says it all! Our tractor has moved up – and while it’s not “a deluxe apartment in the sky”, it is a much nicer place.  The Men’s Crisis Center is now (almost) complete.  There will be a lot of activity this weekend moving things in and trying to get organized, as well as addressing the issue of storage and planning for the “shop within a shop” where woodworking and metalcrafting will happen.


One of the cool features of the building is the skylights that let in so much light that even on a dark cloudy day, it looks as if flourescent lights are on!

Here is a picture of the exterior.  The interior measures 30′ x 48′ and that is an 18′ deep “porch” on the front.  There is still landscaping to do, but for the most part the space is now usuable.  “He” and “She” aren’t going to waste any time doing that, either!


I wish the old barn had been this nice when I lived in it!!



2 thoughts on “Moving on Up

  1. That was quick! We thought there would a few more weeks to the construction of the crisis center. It must mean the feline center (sun room) is not far behind.


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