You Can Help Stamp Out SSS

LilahWriting.jpgKnitting has been taking a back seat around here to other things lately.  There has been so much going on, there has been little time for me to help her with the projects she is working on.  However, there is one finished project we can tell you about. 

“She” found this adorable pattern for a “Cat’s Paw Scarf“.  Once she got started she found it was a fairly easy knit.  Because she decided it would make a great gift for our friend, Mrs. A., she finished it up just in time for her birthday. 


Now that she has completed the scarf, the only project she has going is socks.  These will be her first pair of socks made out of actual sock yarn.  It is self-striping and that makes it fun to use as you just watch the striped pattern appear. 

There is almost a sub-culture in the knitting world of sock knitters.  These are people who are passionate about hand-knit socks and some of them will knit socks exclusively.  There are many events such as Sockapalooza, Sock Swaps, and Sock-Alongs.  There are also varied methods for knitting socks, Cuff Down, Toe Up, Two socks at a Time, and something called Magic Loop.  We haven’t tried that one yet, but I like the idea of magic socks!!

People are drawn to socks because of the many methods by which they can be made as well as the fact that it is a practical, small, portable project that can travel easily.  There are tons of free patterns and myriads of choices in colors and styles.  Pretty much something for everyone.

However, there is a dark side to sock knitting.  This is known as Second Sock Syndrome, or SSS.  This term is affectionately used by knitters to describe the act of completing one sock of a pair, but not the other.  This may be caused because another project beckons the knitter away, or because the knitter just can’t face the prospect of repeating the pattern just completed.  It may even happen if the knitter is not pleased with the first sock.  Whatever the cause, SSS can be detrimental to finishing that pair of socks! So, if you are a knitter, please be sure to cast on immediately for that second sock, or if you know a knitter, encourage them to do so.  Together we can eradicate SSS.

After-all, there’s not that much use in the world for lone hand-knit socks!



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