Skewing the Demographics

jazzinshadow.jpgThe weather this weekend was beautiful. Clear skies and mild temperatures.  We have decided 70 degrees with a light breeze is perfect weather.

Because the weather was so beautiful, they spent the weekend outside. “She” even got to ride the “Hog” – no, they don’t have a Harley, she used the bush hog to cut the pasture. Because we have finally gotten some rain in our area, the pasture was looking a little rough. But it looks all better now.


It would suprise some people to know that “she” enjoys riding the tractor.  Typically, she is in heels and a skirt, and is a very “girly” girl.  She has a penchant for the color pink, loves to shop for clothes and home decor, and doesn’t like to break a nail.  However, she also loves cars and trucks and tractors and just about anything with an engine.  She’ll put on her workboots and help cut firewood, or join in construction (or destruction), or just about any other manual labor.

 “He” is also a bit of an enigma – he makes a living being a computer geek, working in Information Systems.  However, he’s just as likely to be building furniture, renovating the house, or covered in dust from using a jackhammer.


They can both slip easily from one setting to another.  People like “He” and “She”  must be the bane of a market researcher’s existence.  How could you ever anticipate the shopping habits of a woman who will slog through a muddy junkyard looking for emblems for her classic VW Bug and then race home to shower so she isn’t late for her pedicure appointment? Or, a guy who is buying barbed wire, fence posts and cow feed, yet stops by Starbuck’s to hold him over until he can get home to make espresso with his Jura Capressa?

No, it certainly wouldn’t be easy to pigeonhole these two!



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