A Love Poem – by Casanova

NovaAlert.jpgEet ees a mos spesheeal day here at Zee House of 9 Lives!  Today ees zee 23rd anniversary of zee vedding of “He” and “She”.  Een honor ov zees monumentous occashion, I, Zee Great Casanova, have penned zee following poem:

One may count the passing of time

as days and years go by,

Even more, with love so sublime

how that time doth fly.

For as minutes do the hours seem

and days they disappear ~

But with the light of love they beam

and to all their love is clear.

As time slips ever and ever past

no man can stop its going ~

But a love so strong will ever last

and endure … without time’s slowing.

Zee Great Casanova knows zee true love ven he sees eet! Help us to vish “He” and “She” a very happy anniversary!



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