109 Days ’til Christmas!

flirtflirt.jpgIf you’ve been keeping up, you know there is a lot of chaos around The House of 9 Lives these days!  There is the building of the Men’s Crisis Center, as well as the destruction of the sunroom to make way for an addition to the house.  Not only is there a lot of stuff stored inside the house now that normally wouldn’t be, but we have lost our beloved sunroom.  The square footage of the house is significantly decreasing!!

I don’t know what “He” and “She” were thinking when they decided to demo the sunroom a mere 3 months before Christmas!  They plan to host Christmas parties for both sides of the family – it’s going to be very cramped!! She was initially hoping the addition would be ready in time, however, now she is just hoping it will be dried-in in time.  She can set up an old door on sawhorses and use the space whether it has sheetrock or not!  It has been done around here before, trust me!!  The families won’t mind.  Of course, “He” said he would just take all the guys out to the crisis center to hang around and talk about cars and tractors and four-wheelers and that kind of stuff.  That might work, but when it’s time to eat, I bet the guys will find their way back to the house!!

Regardless of the surroundings, the parties usually turn out to be a lot of fun.  It’s nice to see loved ones that they only see once a year and is a chance to catch up with everyone.  Wow, I hope “She” doesn’t read this post – it might send her into panic mode when she realizes how close Christmas really is!!



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