What a Week!

dsc01771.jpg“He” and “She” have been on vacation.  This time, instead of visiting some exotic locale, they took a “working vacation”.  Basically, they took a week off from their paying jobs to do things around the house.  And, when I say do things around the house, I mean do MAJOR things around the house. 

 Last week, they managed to level the barn in preparation for the new building that is going up, as well as dismantle and dispose of the sunroom.  Now, we cats have mixed emotions about this sunroom demolition.  After all, it was our favorite room in the house! They assure me they will be building a bigger, nicer room, but in the meantime, we are relegated to parts of the house where there are not nearly so many windows to sun in.

Maybe the most exciting thing that happened was the removal of the old foundation of the sunroom.  “He” rented a 90 pound Jackhammer and busted up the old concrete. It sure made a lot of noise and dust!  But I think he really enjoyed using the hammer even though it was a lot of work!


The front of the house still looks pretty rough, but is on its way to being beautiful.  Because of renovations done to the interior of the house, one of the windows has been done away with.  Until the addition is built, it is just covered with plywood.  “She” couldn’t stand that it looked so awful from the road and will be that way for a while, so she devised a temporary fix for the problem.  Can you guess which window is not real? –(Click the picture for a larger view)-


Of course, as you get closer, it’s easy to tell, but from the road, the house looks much better!! The cinderblock wall has since been pressure washed and the fencing will be replaced.  The addition to the front of the house will have a porch with a craftsman feel to it.  The existing brick and new brick will be mortarwashed and there will be stone accents.  With a new roof, some landscaping and a few finishing touches, the house should look a whole lot different in the months (or years) to come.  It’s a shame they don’t have a lot more vacation time. I’m sure this project would move much more quickly if they did!!



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