Suspicious Minds

alleybelle.jpgWell, I think it’s happening.  I think “He” and “She” are cheating on us.  Every night this week, they’ve been late getting home, and when they get here, they have the smell of another cat on them.  Just the other day, they came home from the store with cat toys, and they didn’t let any of us play with them. Later, they took them somewhere else.  I can’t imagine why they would stray somewhere else when they could get everything they need right here at home.

When I tried to ask if everything was ok, or if there was something they needed to tell us, “He” just changed the subject and asked if I wanted a treat. 

I’m so upset…Oh!… Okay!…That explains it! Jazz just told me that I don’t have anything to worry about.  “He” and “She” are actually just taking care of our friend Shadow while her owner is off on vacation.  Whew! That’s a relief – I thought for sure they were going out on us!

I’m so glad nothing is going on to disrupt our happy home!



3 thoughts on “Suspicious Minds

  1. Terrible catstaff! CHEATING ON YOUR CATCHEN! Scaring them! Not giving them toys or treats! The abuse.


    Doesn’t take much to set them into a tizzy does it? *laugh*


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