Much Needed Rain – Little Needed Lightning

BlossomFace.jpgWe finally got some rain this weekend. It was a pretty hard rain with a lot of lightning and thunder.  Boomer spent a lot of time hiding under the bedspread because of it.  We need the rain so badly, and this will help, but there’s no way it is going to make up for the deficit. 

“He” was bummed to find the tower fan he uses in the bedroom was zapped by the lightning.  It’s totally dead. But, somehow, another item that was plugged into the same outlet works fine.  Then, last night, when they were going to bed, “She” was going to turn on her electric blanket to warm up the bed because he was freezing her to death with the a/c.  But, the blanket was apparently zapped, too.  He misses the fan, so he runs the a/c colder, which freezes her to death and she has no blanket to turn on.  After seeing her huddled under the blankets with even her head covered up, he couldn’t stand it and cut the a/c back.  Then, he couldn’t sleep because it was too warm for him…see where I’m going with this? It’s kind of like that Christmas story where the woman sells her hair to buy her love a chain for his pocketwatch and he sells his pocketwatch to buy her combs for her hair.  Well, kind of like that, anyway.

 We’re glad nothing else was zapped, but it’s a shame it had to be things they use a lot.  They wouldn’t have missed the stove or the vacuum cleaner nearly so much!!



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