Crazy Cat Lady: The Digital Age

boomer-bored.jpg“She” has a new MP3 player.  It’s a Creative Zen V Plus  , and she loves it! Mostly because it is hot pink (I guess that’s a girl thing), but also because this one will save photos and videos, which is a big improvement over her last one.  She’s also excited to download some audio books to listen to while she is knitting. 

Her taste in music is all over the place. You never know what she might be listening to…Brad Paisely, Corinne Bailey Rae, Santana, The Eagles, Nora Jones, Eric Clapton, George Strait, Kansas, Alan Jackson, John Fogerty, Los Lonely Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd (Sweet Home Alabama!), Sarah McLachlan, Styx, and of course The Stray Cats…as you can see, she’s not genre faithful!

Another thing she wants to check out is podcasts – she hasn’t tried that before, so that will be a new adventure.

 Of course, I’m sure the world doesn’t really need another Crazy Cat Lady with digital pictures of her cats to show off everywhere she goes, but take warning, she’s looking for you!!



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